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Biden Tests Positive for COVID-19

President Joe Biden recently tested positive for Covid-19, as the 79-year-old's health comes into question. His contracting of the virus comes as a challenge to his remarks about defeating the pandemic and its severity.

Biden had recently come back from a five-day middle east trip where supposedly all steps to avoid infection were taken. The double-boosted vaccine-protected President shows that covid continues to have a significant presence worldwide.

In a letter released to the public by the White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre from the President's primary physician Kevin O'Connor, President Biden is experiencing mild symptoms, mostly a runny nose and fatigue. The physician has subscribed the President PAXLOVID, an anti-viral therapy pill granted emergency authorization by the FDA back in December. It is the first approved medication for use against COVID-19.

Kevin O'Connor, the President's physician, anticipates that the President will respond well to the treatment. He stated due to his vaccination status, as the norm for fully vaccinated people, the President will make a full recovery.

The President's infection had halted his schedule as he had plans to travel to Pennsylvania to conduct a speech on gun violence and reform. That trip has now been canceled.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierres has stressed that the President will continue to work hard as expected, in a state of isolation and quarantine, under the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

The President's infection continues to show the presence of COVID-19 in the United States as new subvariants continue to arise. Over 560 million cases have been confirmed worldwide, with over 6 million deaths. The United States has over 89 million cases with roughly 1 million deaths.

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